Most of our tent is customization,kindly offer us your required detail to get solution with bottom offer.

Q 1: What is the different between frame tent and pole tent?

Item                                     Frame tent                 Pole tent                      
quality High Low
Wind loading speed 80-100km/hour Less than 30km/hour
Frame Aluminum Normal steel or plastic
Cover 650-1050gsm pvc Low quality pvc or PE
Lifetime More than 15 years Less than 3 years
Maintain No need Every 2-3 years
Q 2:Are you manufacturer (factory)?
Q 3: Can we extend or reduce the length of tent freely?
>>>Sure, the basic unit of tent is Width x 3m (5m), combined unit by unit, width is fixed, length can be changed.

Q 4: How to install the tent, offer any training?
>>>Tent is very easy and fast to install, all moudular. Most of client can install by their staffs follow to our guide book with full pictures. If any demand we can send out technician to your place to guide installation.
Q 5: Can you print our logos on tent?
>>>Yes.Customized logos can be print on the tent fabric according to your requirements.
Q 6: Can install under heavy wind near seaport?
>>>Yes. We use aluminum (6061/T6) for tent and can resist wind up to 100 km/hr.
Q 7: Tent accessories?
>>>-Soft pvc wall:Sidewalls with clear windows,Full clear covers and sidewalls.

-Solid wall:glass wall,Abs wall,steel wall,sandwich panel wall.

-Ground anchors,steel expanding screw,Weight plate


-Door units:Glass door,singel sandwich door,auto rolling door.

-Rain gutter system

-Wooden flooring system.

Q 8: Tent size range?

>>>-Width from 3 to 70m , length no limited.

Q 9: Tent function?

>>>-Use as large party tent, wedding party tent, holiday party tent, beer fair tent, exhibition fair tent,warehouse tent, display shop tent,

workshop tent, ect...